[Part 1] Ethereum: all things you must know first

  • Ethereum: your first smart contract
  • Ethereum: deploy your smart contract
  • Ethereum: your first dApp

Why we need this part?

The first idea started in 2018 when my friend told me that he wanted to know how to develop a smart contract and he knew nothing about blockchain. And I was thinking about it should have a way for devs to know blockchain in general.


Ethereum is a famous blockchain (behind Bitcoin) which was born in 2015. The market cap until today (Jul 1, 2019) is about 31.1 billion dollars.

  • Miner: let’s imagine that miner is a computer run an Ethereum node. The main responsibility is finding the hash of a block of transactions.
  • Transaction: the processing average time of each transaction is 15 seconds. In order to see the status of the transaction, you can use Etherscan, Blockscout or Etherchain
Other blockchains

Dev side:

  • Development environment: help you to create the local blockchain, wallet and test a smart contract before you launch on the main net.
  • Wallet: it’s something like the identity account on the blockchain.



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