Flutter + BloC + Back4App = Basic Chat App



  • This tutorial requires you need to know BloC knowledge. If not, please read this document first. [EDITED: new bloc version has been supported in this tutorial]


  1. Setup a new app on Back4App with Live Query enabled.
  2. Create UI for 3 pages: login, signup, and home page.
  3. Create Repository.
  4. Create Business Logic (BloC) for each page.

Setup a new app on Back4App:

  • Back4App is a flexible and scalable platform based on the Parse platform.
  • Create New App: Back4App-Demo
  • Copy application configs to main.dart
App Settings on Back4App
Enable Live Query in Server Settings

Create UI

  1. Login page:
login page
  • The full source code of the login page looks like this:
signup page
  • The full source code of signup page:
home page
  • The full source code of home page:

Create Repository:

  • User Repository: handle login/signup logic. This is the main class that interacts with the User class on Back4App.
  • Message Repository: the responsibility of this class is to manage the sending message process.

Business Logic (BloC)

  1. Auth BloC: Our AuthCubit is responsible for receiving events and converting them into AuthStates. It will have a dependency on UserRepository so that it can retrieve ParseUser when the app started.
  • AuthStates:
  • AuthCubit:
  • LoginStates:
  • LoginCubit:
  • SignupStates:
  • SignupCubit:
  • HomeStates:
  • HomeCubit:




I’m a peaceful person who wants to make friend with people around the world.

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Trong Dinh Thai Hoang

Trong Dinh Thai Hoang

I’m a peaceful person who wants to make friend with people around the world.

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