How do I become a better engineer, indeed?

Have you ever asked why our friends succeed than you? Why he/she is your manager? It is the same question I asked myself four years ago. …

The purpose of this article helps you to understand how to develop basic microservices by using API gateways pattern.

1. Requirements:

It doesn’t require you must have experience in microservices before. But I highly recommend you should read to understand some basic concepts.

  • Microservice:

A microservice application is a collection of autonomous…

Basically, the top text will show hint text if user input otherwise it shows nothing.

Getting Started

Our final code will be:

Sample app


  1. Imagine parameters you want your users to control it.
  2. Create Stack layout with 2 widgets: Text and TextField.
  3. Listen to events such as onTap onChanged onEditingComplete and focusNodein order to update the top message.

Let’s code

1. Parameters:

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