How do I become a better engineer, indeed?

Have you ever asked why our friends succeed than you? Why he/she is your manager? It is the same question I asked myself four years ago. And now, I would like to share my answer to those who seek the same response…

The purpose of this article helps you to understand how to develop basic microservices by using API gateways pattern.

1. Requirements:

It doesn’t require you must have experience in microservices before. But I highly recommend you should read to understand some basic concepts.

  • Microservice:

A microservice application is a collection of autonomous…

Basically, the top text will show hint text if user input otherwise it shows nothing.

Getting Started

Our final code will be:

Sample app


  1. Imagine parameters you want your users to control it.
  2. Create Stack layout with 2 widgets: Text and TextField.
  3. Listen to events such as onTap onChanged onEditingComplete and focusNodein order to update the top message.

Let’s code

1. Parameters:

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